Intro to the Meyer Fam and a Typical Game Week

Hi Everyone! Thanks for reading – I have so much LOVE mail already and will slowly try to respond. Thank you for taking the time to give suggestions and kind words.

Well, I guess we should start at the very beginning with the characters who my story will always begin and end with – my family. No matter where I am in life, they will forever be the “why” in my purpose. The truth is, we are a very NORMAL family! We are all down to earth, easygoing people who love each other more than anything else. We work hard, but have lazy days too. We have our good days and bad days but do the best we can to make the most of each day. As you read, I hope you see that we are just a normal family!

So let the introductions begin!

Estimated 1992 - best friends from the beginning!
Estimated 1992 – best friends from the beginning!
My senior night at Georgia Tech - November 2012
My senior night at Georgia Tech – November 2012

Dad – Truthfully, the most amazing father I could have ever asked for. He raised me to be passionate, tough, and work my butt off in whatever it is I decide to do- and not forget to love it with all my heart. I know you guys don’t get to see this side of him, but he is FUNNY. We have a family group text that he tends to make the most jokes in, send the funniest pictures, and make the most hilarious comments. Of course, I can’t leave out the chicken leg emoji that will pop up randomly!  We have called each other “Best Friends” since I could speak, and we talk throughout the day often. He’s been an amazing source of encouragement, advice and laughter my entire life. He, simply, is just the best!

Mama Shells at a GT Volleyball game - 2012
Mama Shells at a GT Volleyball game – 2012

Momaka Shells – Strongest woman I’ve ever known with the purest heart! She is one heck of a psychiatric nurse but an even better mother. She was our biggest fan in every sport we played growing up and, of course, all through college – I still will never know how she physically managed the 19 practices a week between us 3 kids and still giving my dad an unwavering system of support. I like to think of her as Superwoman! One of my favorite things about her though… when she knows something is wrong, or someone in our family needs to be defended and protected, she is a complete shield for us. I will always admire her strong beliefs and determination. She will always stick up for what is RIGHT. Even when most people believe it would be best to walk away and ignore it – she confronts it. A specific memory – I was a senior in high school, playing in a rivalry game and Shells saw a sign about me that said “Who’s Your Daddy” (how original, right?… Although how that is offensive, I’ll never understand. I’m actually incredibly proud of who I call “my daddy.” ) Anyway –  my mom, beautiful as she is, has some serious mama bear claws – she grabbed the sign, ripped it in half and walked away before I even realized the sign was in the crowd. Safe to say, there were no more signs after that. She’s taught us to act the same and always stand up for what we believe in.

image1-3My parents raised us in an extremely humble manner. We start every morning with a texted Bible verse, and often follow-up with an email that includes a reading. Sometimes its my dad, my dad’s friends, or one of us that will take the lead on the interpretations of a chapter. This has been a very important part of our family’s everyday routine. They have always taught us to have our priorities in line, and everyday is a constant reminder of that. We grew up very blessed, but we definitely didn’t have parents that believed in free handouts. We had to work really hard in school and sports to enjoy any sort of social life. As frustrating as it felt when I was 9 years old and wanted a cell phone – I know my siblings and I are all who we are today because of how we were raised.

Now for the kids…

My amazing sister Gigi - 2012
Gigi  – 2012


Gigi – My younger sister – 22 years old and recently graduated from Florida Gulf Coast, where she also played 4 years of volleyball. She’s a National Champion Wakeboarder and the total daredevil of our family. She has experiences people only dream of simply because she’s not scared of anything. She jumps out of planes, does flips on wakeboards, and is always looking for the next crazy stunt to try! I admire it because I approach all danger with extreme caution and an expectation the worst is going to happen. Aside from that, Gigi is truly hilarious! She makes me laugh so hard I cry – often! Most importantly, she is an amazing sister. We’ve gotten very close through the years and struggles we’ve had to face as a family, and I’m so thankful I have her. She has thicker skin than I do. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve, where she has always remained very steady and poised. She will make a guest blogger appearance soon – send ideas over of what you would like to hear!!

Nate in the middle! September 2015
Nate in the middle! September 2015

Nate – Our little baby brother who isn’t so little anymore. He is 16 years old and recently driving. He literally grew like two feet in one year! He’s turned out to be an amazing athlete, loving baseball and football. I enjoy watching him so much it almost makes me emotional. He did the majority of his growing when I was in college, so every time I saw him it felt like something had changed!! He has the biggest heart and is extremely well-behaved for a 16-year-old boy. He’s majorly focused on sports and school, but makes time for the really great friends he’s made in Columbus. I love talking and spending time with him – it just blows my mind how much he’s grown up. I don’t think I will ever get used to him walking out of the house, getting in his car and driving away. We are all so proud of him and who he has grown up to be!

Our engagement! December 22, 2014
Our engagement! December 22, 2014

Corey, my fiancé – We met at Georgia Tech (I’ll save our story for down the road, it’s a good one). He played football, which is interesting because I swore I would never date a football player! We’re getting married in February. He’s honestly my best friend and someone I can absolutely NOT picture life without. He’s been working for Buckeye football since January, which is SO nice because dedicating time to TWO different football teams nearly killed me last year! His dream has always been to coach, which won’t be anything too new to me having grown up in a family dedicated to football! I’m so proud of him. He’s recently out of college and has matured so much in the last year. Coaching involves long, sometimes strenuous hours and serious dedication to the game. I see him take it on full-throttle everyday, simply because he loves what he does; and for that I’m so proud of him. It’s been an amazing experience watching him grow (I met him as a freshman in college).  Anyway, just a little more about him, he’s a southern soul. He opens my door, which confused me the first time he did it (I officially wasn’t in Kansas anymore) and has a southern draw like you’ve never heard. When I met him he had the southern swoop hair and lots of it! And he’s just the most easy-going person in the world – totally what I need in my life. He will make a statement in this industry one day.  He’s been doing a great job and has a really bright future.

Meeting Moosey for the first time! Easter 2015
Meeting Moosey for the first time! Easter 2015


Moose – My sweet little baby boy – puppy, of course! I treat him like a child and I’m proud of it! He’s a Morkie (Yorkie and Maltese) and we love him so much!!!

Family has always been our #1 – so we have a very solidified routine each week to make sure we spend enough time together. Now that the season has officially started that means a few of our favorite game week rituals have begun!! Here is what you can assume we’re doing during the week:

At $4 burger night for Wednesday night dinner! Fall 2014
Wednesday night dinners during a surprise $4 burger night!

Wednesday nights – Something I will probably reference a lot. My dad and I started this tradition my first year of high school. It’s actually where we discovered sushi is one of our favorite foods. Lots of memories have happened at these dinners. When I turned 16, I got not car keys, but a sapphire ring that I wear every single day and have for almost 10 years. You know the very best part, for both of us, about these dinners? We simply catch up on life. We talk about basically everything BUT football . We laugh, really hard actually. We reminisce about past family vacations and memorable moments. We share what we are looking forward to in the years to come. Sometimes there aren’t many words at all, and we just decompress. But regardless, it’s always time to enjoy each others presence, eat delish food, and relax.

September 2015
September 2015

Thursday nights – This has always been my favorite day of the week for as long as I can remember. Thursdays have slowly evolved for our family, but it has always had the same underlying meaning – dad comes home early!!! When I was a little girl, my dad would come home late Sunday through Wednesday nights, so I would keep a tiny mailbox outside my room as a way to keep connected. I would leave notes for when he got home, and he would always write back – I still have every single one we ever wrote to each other – and they always ended with “Can’t wait until Thursday!!!” It still warms my heart thinking about these precious moments growing up. I’m SUCH a daddy’s girl!

Here are some specific memories from the different places we’ve been: At Notre Dame – we would drive to campus, bring my dad dinner and eat in the deserted locker room – sometimes getting to walk down the tunnel when it wasn’t locked up. At Bowling Green we started a new tradition – bringing candy to the football players and having a program-wide dinner for everyone involved with the team, including their families! We did the same at Florida, Utah and continue to do so with the Buckeyes! Now, in Columbus, we have our amazing neighborhood friends involved. Someone hosts, and everyone brings food to contribute. We sit and watch football, laugh, celebrate birthdays, dress up for Halloween parties and just enjoy spending time together. It’s an absolute blast.

Fridays – Corey and I started a new tradition – Friday morning breakfast before work. It’s difficult to find alone time during the week, so this is our time, and breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day. It’s also like the calm before the storm – Game mode begins Friday late morning and continues through Saturday evening, so it’s nice to start off our Fridays together and on a positive note. Another coach told me he his wife do this together – how brilliant!

Tailgating pic with Shells - 2014

September 2015
September 2015

Saturday: You can consider the Meyer girls MASTER tailgaters! You can catch us with some delish champagne and our best friends around us. It’s not all fun though – once it’s game time, the girls put their game faces on and it’s all business. I’ll talk a little more about my emotions during an actual game in another post – this is just a brief intro for now!

The Meyer Archive – some of our personal favs:

Meyer fam selfie!

Who is the photobomber here? Dad or Zeke? September 2015

Photobombing and selfies – nothing new here 🙂

A few others:

  • Elf – We watch it as a family every Christmas and laugh just as hard as the previous year at our favorite scenes.
  • Live music and singing along by a fire (not really a CAMP fire, but a patio fire)! Someone always ends up singing along with whoever is playing.
  • Group texting – Sometimes it’s a Bible verse to help everyone begin the day a positively or a recording of someone snoring in middle of the night. Whatever it is, there is plenty of conversation throughout the day, keeping us close even when we are apart.
  • A good workout – Everyone in our family is crazy about staying in shape and consistently working out – often times we go together!
  • Long walks… Anywhere – Whether it’s a random back road or on the beach, we love walking in a pack.
  • “Wagon-wheel” is our family anthem. It all started with me and Corey – I have to give us credit!
  • Coffee – It’s a must for every one of us. Every. Single. Day. Some of my best memories from Florida and in college involve coffee – my dad would have some extra time in the mornings before I would go to school, so we would hit up the local coffee shop for Chai Tea Lattes and always say “Mmmm it tastes like Christmas” even if it was mid-June!

That’s all for this week – Stay tuned for the next! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Intro to the Meyer Fam and a Typical Game Week

  1. What a great idea you have here! As a fan, so often we see the coaches of any team in any sport as mechanical machines (robots almost) and not real people. As a HUGE Ohio State fan for my entire life, I can say your dad was probably one of me least favorite people when he was at Florida. Really only because he has that intense look all of the time and he means business! You hate that as a fan of another team because you so badly want what they have as a die hard fan. The day the news broke that he was coming to our beloved Buckeyes, my friends and I literally threw a party just to celebrate that your father would bring a winning tradition back to our team that we felt was in serious trouble of looking like that state up north.

    All of this being said, I just wanted to say as a diehard Buckeye fan, this blog has caused me to step back and see the “behind the scenes” and realize, those coaches aren’t machines but are people too. Your 2 posts have already changed the way I even look at games on game day. At the end of the day, sure, it’s just a game. Football is a past time that makes you forget about life’s struggles and live in the moment of excitement, frustration, sadness, etc. You putting a reinforcing message behind the fact that your dad is this compassionate man that cares so much, is a reminder that he has feelings too and only wants the best for the people around him! Keep up the great work!


  2. thank you for sharing, it is interesting to find out about the Coaches family life. Sometimes people forget they are part of another family other than the players. Look forward to more.


  3. I am enjoying your blog Nicki. You guys are the keel in your dad’s life obviously keeping him steady. Family is everything and the love you all have for each other is wonderful.


  4. Nicki,

    Thank you so much for sharing such precious moments of your family with your extended Buckeye family! It’s wonderful to hear the dedication and love you all have for each other.

    I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and have since moved away to Colorado, getting out of the Air Force here. I left my entire family behind in OH to come here and it’s just my daughter, husband, and I together out here. We miss home so badly, and as I’ve shared with your mom, we lost our younger daughter to a brain tumor in OH. She is buried in the VA Cemetary in Dayton. We haven’t been able to get home since 2009, when we left OH.

    We have learned to make new memories, create new joys, and we stick together out here because we are all we have. Reading about your family, sharing the common bond of the love of our Buckeyes, knowing that your family loves the Lord as much as we do, well…it just makes me feel that much closer to home again every time I read your blog!

    Thank you for giving me a little bit of home, making me feel like I still have tight bonds in OH, and I will always be a member of the Buckeye Alum family/football family, and I have brothers and sisters in Christ who can still bring me back “home” to my family, memories, and life in OH!

    God bless you all and may He keep your family safe in His arms!

    And, of course, GO BUCKEYES!
    Mary Beth~


  5. I’m so excited to have found your blog!!! My husband is a die hard Buckeyes fan (our son is named after Archie Griffin) and it’s so cool to read about you and your family outside of football. Thank you for sharing…can’t wait for your future posts!!
    Sydney Allen


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