A loss… and a call for positivity!

It stings. That’s for sure. But the sun did indeed rise on Sunday morning! Based on personal experience, I truly believe there is a direct correlation between frequency of losses and the degree of pain associated with one. We, Ohio State fans, are lucky to feel this about only once a year, nonetheless the feeling is still absolutely devastating. But let’s be honest… Continue reading A loss… and a call for positivity!

Senior Day

I quickly wanted to post a little something about senior day and what it means to us. Yes to every fan to ever live, they cheer on their favorite players as they run out of the tunnel for the last time, but for our family sometimes it feels we are sending an older brother off… Continue reading Senior Day

Game day

Hi Everyone! Our world basically stops during football season, but Saturdays are typically the big showstoppers – I wanted to give you all a feel for what Game Day feels like for my family. Once again, I appreciate your patience with my posting – as I said, things can come to a screeching halt! A couple… Continue reading Game day