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Hi Everyone!

Our world basically stops during football season, but Saturdays are typically the big showstoppers – I wanted to give you all a feel for what Game Day feels like for my family. Once again, I appreciate your patience with my posting – as I said, things can come to a screeching halt!

A couple announcements first:

  1. I’ve been invited to judge the 1st Annual Columbus Lip Sync Battle – please come support this great cause and hang with me! Follow the link to more details about the event – it’s sure to provide some laughs!
  2. We are 10-0. As my dad always says, “What’s the best part about 10-0?… A chance to go 11-0!!!” It’s insane to think we are this far into the season! Extra terrifying because that means it’s almost wedding time – hope you’re ready Corey!!! 

Lastly, before I get started, check out some pics taken over the last couple weeks! Also, I cannot for the life of me figure out the format on wordpress. Totally not intuitive to the way I think.

I spent an entire week in NYC and experienced enough to fill a month’s time in the Big Apple! Walking the Brooklyn Bridge, shopping at Saks 5th Avenue, standing at Ground Zero, trudging miles and miles all day, every day and feeling like a true New Yorker. I dressed in all black, tried to walk fast and consume large amounts of coffee, but I think my constant snapping of pictures and staring straight up at the skyscrapers gave me away… I’m too much of a darn tourist!

You will see Boomer in a couple of these pics. He was seven years old when my family met him at a fundraising event. My dad introduced himself to Boomer and that, we can say, was the beginning of an amazing friendship. Boomer for a long time had been wheelchair bound. Upon that first meeting, he pointedly told us that he would be walking the next time we saw him. And what do ya know, he sure was walking in no time. Now over years years, Boomer has become a very driven teenager. A brilliant soul with a sense of humor that captivates anyone he meets. He is an inspiration and practically a part of this family. We are so happy he came to visit us this past month, along with his gorgeous mother, Brooke, a dear friend of mine.

My dad admiring the coolest city! NYC
My dad and I admiring the coolest city! NYC
After a delish Italian dinner in Little Italy, NYC!
After a delish Italian dinner in Little Italy, NYC!













Halloween with my mom (Dublin Housewife from the 50's and her sweet angel daughter, ME!)
Halloween with my mom (Dublin Housewife from the 50’s and her sweet angel daughter, ME!)
Watching the Minnesota game with Mama Shells
Watching the Minnesota game with Mama Shells
One of the toughest kids I've ever met - Boomer!
One of the toughest kids I’ve ever met – Boomer! They are family!










Me, Corey, Boomer and Corey’s BFF, Darren!


Alright, so here we are on Game Day – the most important day of the week in the Meyer household! Let’s set the stage: Kickoff is scheduled for 8pm. T-minus 8.5 hours.

6:30 am – Wakey, wakey! I always like to spend some time with Corey first thing. We even talk about football…sometimes! I also read my dad’s text of the day. It usually has a common theme on game day – Trust, faith and confidence in God and whatever his plan might be for the day – here was a recent one that I absolutely love: “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind.” – 2 Tim: 1-7


7:00 am – Drive Corey to The Blackwell hotel.

8:15 am – Take my favorite workout class in the entire world. I would tell you what it is, but I can’t risk getting waitlisted!! Ha! Just kidding, it’s called SOS – System of Strength! Saturday’s classes are always jammed packed and hard to get into, so I book it weeks in advance. Thank goodness for a predictable schedule for once in my life.

10:00 am – Shower, drink LOTS of coffee, and make sure College GameDay is playing loudly throughout the house – my puppies know it’s Saturday when they hear Mr. Corso’s voice coming in loud and clear.

11:30 am: Wrap things up at home, kiss my sweet puppies goodbye (yes, we got Moose a little brother. Welcome Teddy to the family you guys!), head over to the stadium, park my car and walk to the Blackwell Hotel.

My new baby, Teddy. 5 month old Maltese
My new baby, Teddy. 5-month-old Maltese

Spending a little bit of time with my dad has become another Game Day ritual. We usually watch GameDay, and I talk his ear off. He jokes that at our Wednesday dinners consist of him showing up to press “PLAY” and me talking the whole time. Gameday is a little different. I still try to bring some personality to the table, but to also take it down a notch or two from normal.

3:00 pm: Tailgate time!! – I go find my mom once I get the text from her and her awesome friend, Kim – the fun squad has arrived! I quickly run to her car, pop a bottle of champagne (just another tradition!) and sit in the absurdly giant red foldup chair. See the pic below with my mom, there are millions we’ve taken over the years! This is our time to share and enjoy Game Day with our amazing group of friends, along with the wonderful coaches’ wives and families!


My view during the walk from Skull Session
My view during the walk from Skull Session

6:00 pm: T-minus 2 hours until Kickoff – I go to Skull Session and meet my dad on their way out to walk with them to the stadium. I walk slightly behind my dad and to his right and just admire the fans excitement as he walks by. Cheering him on, wishing him luck and rooting for the great players behind us. I love to snap pictures of this moment. I also wait to see Corey and hug him good luck. We started a this tradition when he played at Georgia Tech and have continued it here with the Buckeyes. Anyone who went to games with me understands, I do not miss the “Walk.” I would stand in the same place each week and cheer for all his teammates and friends. Corey would come out of the line, give me a big hug and hand me a note. We still do this, and I love it more than anything. One of our first traditions we started and will continue to carry on for a long time.

September 2015
September 2015

8:00 pm: Gametime – It’s a rush heading to gate 32 and walking down the Buckeye tunnel. You can hear the roar of the stadium outside. When we finally get to our seats I’m all jitters – it’s game time!



Hopelessly watched this moment on my cell phone from miles and miles away
Hopelessly watched this moment on my cell phone from miles and miles away

A little insight into my emotions on a game day. First off, it’s fair to say my emotions tend to fall on both extremes of the spectrum. I’m not the most Zenful person in the world. When we aren’t doing so hot, I’m the first to panick and literally claim to hate the game of football. But when things are awesome and we’ve got a little cushion, I can’t get enough. I love football! I want to bring this into some context for you with a story… When Corey played at Georgia Tech, I made sure I was present at every game. I was his biggest fan! However, there was one game of my dad’s that I would not, and could not miss – the rivalry game. Of course, the Buckeye rival game and the Georgia Tech rival game fell on the same day. So for Corey’s senior season, I went to his rivalry game at Georgia and watched my dad play the team up North via iPhone (I would watch whichever game I wasn’t physically at on my phone. My luck constantly ran short. They played at the same time each week, ugh!). So anyway – Corey’s team is lining up for a 54-yard field goal to make it into overtime with Georgia. I look down at my phone and see that JT Barrett is laying down on the field, injured. Two of the most horrifying situations both of my teams could be in! So for 5 minutes, I cursed the sport of football. In the end, both teams won. In that moment I loved football more than anything and felt blessed for my part in it. Talk about mood swings!

After the game, there is a room the coaches’ families can hang out in and wait for their husbands and dads to come out of the locker room. We’ve been lucky, everyone is always in good spirits, even at one in the morning!

Finally, I hug my dad, hug Corey, get in the car and drive home – hopefully all with a good feeling win for the day. It’s time to get ready to go through the same week schedule for the next week. What these guys do is pretty amazing. And when you see it up close and personal, it makes it easy to invest your time and emotions as much as I do, and any other coach’s wife, girlfriend, family, or whoever does.


Our entire friendship summarized in 1 picture

PS: I wanted to give one of my best friends in Columbus a shout out – Allie has been a huge help in making sure I don’t make myself sound silly on this blog. She is a journalism major and helps me with proofreading and grammar issues (never my strong point, I mean I went to a TECH school – duh!). Love you, Al!!!


Thank you for reading! Dom Tiberi interviewed my parents and me about my blog, I think it’s airing this week? Look for a twitter update letting you know!! GO BUCKS BEAT MICHIGAN STATE and happy senior day to our very loved senior players!


2 thoughts on “Game day

  1. Nicki, you have AGAIN brought tears to my eyes!!! If you could only know the difference you, Corey & your family have made in Boomer, (and my!) life! We love you guys so much, and I am beyond proud to call you my friend.

    This blog is incredible, but still doesn’t capture the true passion & joy that you have brought to so many. Love you! Xoxo Brooke (& Boomer)


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