Senior Day

I quickly wanted to post a little something about senior day and what it means to us. Yes to every fan to ever live, they cheer on their favorite players as they run out of the tunnel for the last time, but for our family sometimes it feels we are sending an older brother off to spread their wings into their next journey. My mom and dad look at them as boys who became men over the last 4 or 5 years. It’s incredibly emotional!

My mom, sister and me. 2009

Here is a picture that sums up senior day in a nutshell. This was taken in 2009 when Timmy Tebow was running our of Florida’s tunnel for the last time. Just a side note, this deep of emotion is true for all senior classes, we feel this way every year.

The good news – their relationships with my parents, and us even, lasts a long time! We get to see them start families, possibly play at the next level, get married and begin their lives after college. It’s so fun to continue those relationships and continue to be part of their journeys.

So I wanted to give a shout out to this year’s group – in the running to have the most wins ever as a class. How cool is that and what a way to go out!



2 thoughts on “Senior Day

  1. Yes, yesterday was a difficult day for Buckeye Nation. I am praying that your dad and family understand that true fans have nothing but respect and gratitude for him. The fact that he is our coach makes us the luckiest fans in college football. P.S. You are doing a great job with your blog!


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