A loss… and a call for positivity!

It stings. That’s for sure. But the sun did indeed rise on Sunday morning!

Based on personal experience, I truly believe there is a direct correlation between frequency of losses and the degree of pain associated with one. We, Ohio State fans, are lucky to feel this about only once a year, nonetheless the feeling is still absolutely devastating. But let’s be honest here, who in their right mind could believe we would never lose again? It’s a part of the game, and you cannot escape it – but you do have to know how to deal with it.

As you may recall from my previous post – a wife’s responsibility is to remind us all that this is a game. My mom did just that. It is simply entertainment. Of all the horrible things happening in the world, a loss to Michigan St. is officially not on that list. This is not life or death or cancer. This doesn’t compare to the tragedy of the bombings in Paris. It definitely is not threatening our freedom and safety. It’s football. PERSPECTIVE is how we deal with it.

We all experience the pain of losing in our own way.  Fans, family, staff and players – each personal affiliation with the team produces a different kind of hurt. Not that one feeling is greater or worse than the other, but there is a difference.

The breakdown: 

Players – Regret. I know this from personal experience. My first feeling was regretting the loss of an opportunity. Your time as an athlete is limited. Your days are numbered and each loss takes away from a part of the dream. Especially when you are in your final year. You go to college wanting to win championships, break records as a team and flat out just win, but you only have (roughly) four years to do this.


Coaches – Blame. Coaches spend countless hours in preparation for each game, regardless of who they face that weekend. I know one thing is for sure – there is not one hour wasted each week. They maximize their time and sometimes don’t get the results that were projected in the game plan. Of course, we all have our own opinions, but unless we personally spent 100+ hours a week developing a game plan and know all aspects of the team dynamic, we can just keep our opinions quiet.


Wives – Worry. Your first thought isn’t “Oh no, our championship hopes are gone.” It’s “Oh no, is he ok and are the players ok?” And as always, keeping perspective – reminding everyone that it’s just a game, and a learning experience for so many young players.


Kids – Worry and fear. The older I’ve become, the less I care, but let me tell you – some of the first thoughts aside from praying your dad isn’t going to be sad all evening is, “Are people going to treat me differently? Are people going to be mean on social media? Are people going to be mean to my dad?” Again, with age, this becomes less of a concern; however, I feel for the poor kids that have to deal with far more negativity these days due to social media. I’m so thankful Twitter and Facebook weren’t a thing in my younger years.  Public scrutiny might be one of the most confusing and hardest things a child has to face with a parent in this industry.


Fans, real – Disappointment. Which is okay! Who is to say you are not entitled to this emotion?? One thing that separates you from the next group I discuss is your loyalty and encouragement. You make the game fun. We love you and are thankful for your energy, loyalty and support.


Fans, posers – Anger, fury, insanity. We could all enjoy sports a little more without their involvement. Calling for a coach’s job or harassing players and families is a pathetic level  I cannot identify with. One loss shines a heavy light on these individuals, and I am thankful I don’t personally know any of them. They are just distant noise that we have to ignore and understand they are unrealistic people with nothing else to worry about.


One thing is evident. People invest their emotions on an entirely different level when it comes to athletics. No matter who you are, it’s important to keep your emotions in check . The key – don’t be the negative voice that can become toxic. That’s not the point of athletics. Know your role, be positive, and trust the hands your favorite team is in.

The verse that strikes me today – Isaiah 40:31  “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”






17 thoughts on “A loss… and a call for positivity!

  1. Well said, Nick! We will let the naysayers and alarmists spend their time and energy on negativity. The rest of us will focus on the next game, harness the disappointment and redirect it into positive motivation and thank our stars we are lucky enough to get to play again on Saturday! Love you and the Bucks! Amy and Tori

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  2. How well stated. After being irritated, most of Sat evening, reading SO many asinine posts, None from HOF coaches, NatlChampions, holders of incredible streaks, recruiters of marvelous talents, or…I finally said “enuff of this _ichiganState crap… we have kind of a big deal next weekend!”
    Mebbe THAT “get over it” ‘tude, comes with age also. Zeke will acquire that…also. My Best for the rest of the season


  3. Well said! There is so much for which we can be thankful. During times of disappointment and challenge is when we ALL need to send positive energy and unconditional support and keep perspective! Keep your blogs coming, Nicki, and send my “virtual hug and high five” to the entire amazing Buckeye Football Team Family!


  4. I really enjoy reading your posts. Perspective is important in all aspects of life. Thanks for the well written reminder! Go Bucks!


  5. I think this is a wonderful thing for you to post what actually goes on in coaches real life. I have never known a Coach that went out to lose! My hopes are for your family to enjoy Thanksgiving Day.


  6. Most insightful & impactful blog yet Nicki!! I LOVE this. What an amazing insight that you can share with the TRUE fans of the game. We love you! Xoxo Brooke & Boomer

    P.S. Go beat that team up North for us!!


  7. Absolutely right on with this post. Hey, as long as the Meyer are smiling the next day I’m good. This magical run continues. One loss in eons – you’re so right, the world doesn’t end. Thank Corey and your dad. This is still a great team and program.


  8. Thank you, Nicki. It is so nice to have such a wonderful, down-to-earth view of sports. Your family has definitely given you a solid foundation in life. My son is 9 and already wants to play for your dad. He is competitive on his flag football team, but also has the biggest heart. I share things like this with him whenever I get the opportunity to continue to push that “it is just a game…for fun!” with him. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Nicki, words from someone as young as you are so refreshing to hear.. Shows that you have great parents that taught you well.. To all of us life is just a flash, we always hope we leave a mark that someone will remember.. You are well on your way to that.. great post and wisdom well beyond your years!! Thick or thin am now and always will be a BUCKEYE!! GO BUCKS!!


  10. What an absolutely incredible game yesterday. Players, stars and coaches. ALL are to be congratulated. I think your Dads terminology concerning last weeks “weird” was the word I searched. I kept saying ‘mystified’. He said a ‘hollow’ feeling. The hole was filled against _ichigan.
    Thanx to ALL. Wonder if the ‘posers/posters’ from last week STlLL want Elliot benched OR THE O coordinators fired. Sad statement by ?”fans”?
    Great job. R


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